Empowering lives through Johnny Tools to screen reader technology

At Johnny Tools, we are dedicated to empowering lives through our screen reader technology. Our software is designed to provide a seamless reading experience for individuals with visual impairments, making it easier for them to access digital content, communicate with others, and navigate the online world.

We believe that everyone deserves equal access to information and technology, and our mission is to enable individuals with visual impairments to live more independently and confidently. By using Johnny Tools, they can enjoy a more fulfilling life, with greater access to education, employment opportunities, and social interactions.

In conclusion, our commitment to empowering lives through Johnny Tools to screen reader technology drives us to continue improving and enhancing our software to better serve our users.
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We believe that every blind and vision-impaired person deserves the right to freely and easily access information!

Welcome to the homepage of the Johnny Tools website!

Today is Wednesday, July 17, 2024.

Johnny Tools is free software designed to enhance the functionality of the two most popular screen reader software, JAWS and NVDA. We create the Johnny Tools screen reading software tools that make this possible. We need Johnny Tools to realize our dreams.

The latest Johnny Tools version 2024 [2024.2401.4] was released on Thursday, January 18, 2024.

Download Johnny Tools now... (Free for personal use only.)

Version 2024.

(Jan. 2024)
This release includes updates and improvements to stability and performance, which are:
- Fixed JAWS Braille setting to display Cantonese braille correctly;
- Made Johnny Tools compatible with the NVDA Add-on Store;  
- Resolved minor bugs and improved performance;
- More...

For further details on Johnny Tools, please download the user guide documentation. Thank you.
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Johnny Tools Needs Your Support
As a Johnny Tools user, you already know the benefits of having access to free software that enhances the functionality of the most popular screen reader software, JAWS and NVDA. However, as with any project, Johnny Tools requires support to continue to improve and keep up with the fast-changing information technology.
You can find out how to support Johnny Tools by visiting our website or by becoming a Patron. Your support is greatly appreciated and will help Johnny Tools continue to provide accessible software to blind and visually impaired individuals.
Thank you for being a Johnny Tools user and for considering supporting our project.
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